High Precision Stainless Ozone SUS304 Steel Plate Aging Test Machine

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High Precision Stainless Ozone SUS304 Steel Plate Aging Test Machine
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Model Number: TY-CY150
Power: Electronic
Volume: 150L
Internal dimension: W500 X H600 x D500mm
Outside dimension: W1100 X H1700 x D1050mm
Weight: 200KG
Power supply: AC220 V±5%/50±0.5Hz
Temperature Range: 0℃--80℃
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ (Accuracy), ±2.0℃ (Fluctuation)
Accuracy of ozone concentration: 0~1000pphm ±10% (Routine: 200pphm, 400pphm)
Inner Material: SUS304 stainless steel plate
Outside Material: SUS304 or stoving varnish
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Model Number: TY-CY150
결제 및 배송 조건
Packaging Details: PE film wrapping and Plywood case
Supply Ability: 15 Set/Sets per Month
제품 설명

1. Product performance:

Model No




Internal dimension

W500 X H600 x D500mm

Outside dimension

W1100 X H1700 x D1050mm



Power supply

AC220 V±5%/50±0.5Hz

2. Usage:

Ozone content in the atmosphere is very small, but it is a major factor of rubber cracking.

Ozone aging test chamber is designed to research the effect rule of ozone on rubber, identify and evaluate the method of rubber anti-ozone aging performance and anti-ozone agent protection efficiency by simulates and intensifies ozone conditions in the atmosphere.

3. Standards:

GB/T7762-2003 Test method for static tensile resistance of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber to ozone cracking

GB/T2951.21-2008 General test method for cable insulation and sheath materials,

GB/T 11206-2009 Rubber aging test surface cracking method, and test methods specified in other relevant standards.

4. The principle and method:

Ozone Aging Test can be divided into STATIC and DYNAMIC according to different test method and standards. Default configuration is static test method.

STATIC means that specimen will be stretched before putting into the test chamber.

DYNAMIC means fixing the specimen on the fixtures inside testing chamber, and stretch it while testing. The stretching rate is about 5%-45% of the specimen.

5. Main technical parameters:

Temperature Range


Temperature Fluctuation

±0.5℃ (Accuracy), ±2.0℃ (Fluctuation)

Accuracy of ozone concentration

10~1000pphm ±10% (Routine: 200pphm, 400pphm)

6. Architectural feature:

6.1 Structure: all-in-one machine

6.2 Material:

Inner: SUS304 stainless steel plate

Outside: SUS304 or stoving varnish

6.3 Thermal insulation: double protection (Rigid polyurethane foam and Aluminum silicate insulation cotton)

6.4 Door:single door with observation window (W300xH450) and watching lamp.

Two silicone rubber sealing strips and anti condensation electric heating device for window frame / door frame, the windows and doors are equipped

6.5 Default fixtures: STATIC test fixtures

6.6 Control panel

6.7 Controller and display screen

6.8 Power switch

6.9 Lamp button

6.10 Configurations of the box

(1)SUS #304 stainless steel rack turntable – 1pc

(2)φ50mm threading hole with hole cover and silicone rubber plug – 1set

(3)Moving wheel: 4PCS

(4)Horizontal fixed foot rack: 4PCS

(5)A drain hole is in lower part of chamber rear, for unit condensate drainage.

7. Air circulation regulation

7.1 Adjusting way: Flow Throw air supply mode, horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange arc cycle

7.2 Circulating fan: Power-saving motor and stainless steel extension shaft connected to multi - centrifugal circulation fan

8. Heating system

8.1 Heater: Heating by tubular stainless steel electric heater with fin type heating dissipation.

8.2 Control mode: PID adjust, Actuating element: solid-state relay

9. Refrigeration system

9.1 Working mode: mechanical refrigeration/air-cooled

9.2 Control mode: the controller automatically adjusts the operating condition of refrigerator according to the testing conditions.

9.3 Compressor: French: Tecumseh - hermetic compressor with low temperature and high efficiency.

9.4 Evaporator: automatic load capacity adjustment with fin-type multi-stage (Kewely)

9.5 Condenser: Air condenser (Kewely)

9.6 Expansion system: automatic capacity control refrigeration system

9.7 Refrigerant: environmental refrigerant R404 (ozone depletion index is 0).(America: Dupont)

9.8 Refrigeration process: nitrogen protected welding, double-stage rotary vane pump vacuums to ensure the internal cleaning of the refrigeration system, water connection plate at the bottom of the compressor, the condensed water is discharged to the outside of the box through the rear drain pipe.

9.9 Cooling auxiliary parts:

Expansion valve (Denmark; DANFOSS)

Solenoid valve (Japan; Omron)

Filters (Denmark; DANFOSS)

Globe valve (Italy; CASTEL)

Oil separator (Europe and America; ALCO)

9.10 Accessories: desiccant, oil separator, refrigerant flow window, repair cutting, high voltage protection switch.

10. Ozone detection system

10.1 Ozone generator: use voltage silent discharge tube to produce ozone

10.2 Ozone Sensor: imported from UK, which can achieve precise control

10.3 Ozone exhaust system: ozone in the testing box will be discharged outside through special exhaust fan and air duct after test.

10.4 Ozone flow regulator: Adopt high precision glass flow rotor meter to adjust accurately

11. Control system

11.1 Sensor: temperature sensor adopts platinum DIN PT-100Ω;

11.2 Controller: TEMI, 7-inch color LCD touch-controlled man-machine interface controller imported from South Korea, large visual field screen, with screen LOCK function. Switch between Chinese and English.

11.3 Controller specification


Temperature resolution: 0.1

Set a range for each period: Free setting between 0~530 hour;

Temperature input signal: type platinum PT100;

P.I.D control setting parameter; P.I.D auto computing;

11.4 Screen display function:

11.4.1 It adopts the interactive mode of picture control software, and touch options of the screen directly: Including program setting, curve display, manual operation of historical data, automatic operation, auxiliary setting etc.

11.4.2 It can display execution status, temperature and setting value of time, remaining time, remain cycle times.

11.4.3 With a separate program to edit the screen, you can input the temperature, time and cycle times.

11.4.4 Temperature program setting displays with graph curve, with real - time display program curve executive function.

11.4.5 Display fault status and explain troubleshooting method.

11.4.6 Temperature setting (SV) and actual (PV) values can be directly displayed on the screen.

11.4.7 Backlight adjustment, and the screen display protection function can be timed and turned off.

11.5 Program capacity and control functions

11.5.1 Interlocutory program.

11.5.2 With PW cut memory function, can continue to execute the program when power is on.

11.5.3 Real-time curve display function.

11.5.4 Start and shut down reservation function.

11.5.5 Date and time adjusting function.

12. Safety protection device

12.1 Refrigeration protection

Compressor overheat protection switch

Compressor high pressure protection switch

Compressor over-current protection switch

12.2 Heating protection

Over temperature protection of heater surface temperature

Heater short circuit, overload protection

12.2 Other protection

Overheating protection of circulating motor;

Overheating protection of condensate fan;

High temperature, low temperature, over-temperature protection;

Reverse and under phase protection;

Overload protection without fuse switch.

13. Accessories and delivery attached documents

13.1 Commodity shelf : 2 levels SUS304 Stainless steel shelving (Single layer load is 10kg)

13.2 Shelving track : 4 PCS SUS304 Stainless steel shelving with 40mm adjustable spacing

13.3 Energized test hole : 1 PCS, located on the left side of the box, with cover and soft plug , and the size is 50mm×100mm

13.4 Electrical source line : 1 PCS (2 meters long)

13.5 Outfall : one drain hole

13.6 Air connection: 1 PCS

13.7 Moving wheel: 4 PCS

13.8 Fixed foot : 4 PCS

13.9 Maintenance manual: 1 Set

13.10 Instructions of controller: 1 Set

13.11 Warranty card: 1 Set

14. Equipment Application

14.1 Power supply: power line locates in rear part of machine, AC220±5%V/50±0.5Hz

14.2 Environmental conditions:Temp.5~30, R.H.:≤85%

14.3 Channel requirements: this equipment is heavy. Please consider the installation site aisle and handling method in advance. (See the outside dimension and weight in technical indicators)

14.4 Site requirements:

14.4.1 It is better to have a drainage floor drain or connect a drain pipe near machine

14.4.2 Configure air or power switch with corresponding capacity for the equipment.

14.4.3 Flat ground, well ventilated and free from inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas and dust.

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