Competitive Price Good Quality Ph3 Smart Portable Hydrogen Ozone Sensor Leak Detector

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Competitive Price Good Quality Ph3 Smart Portable Hydrogen Ozone Sensor Leak Detector
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제품 사양
보증: 1년이요
타입: 엑스드볼 CT4
주문 제작된 지원: OEM, ODM
원래 장소: 베이징, 중국
브랜드 이름: MaiYa
모델 번호: AZ-1000
검출 정확도: < ;±3%F.S
직선성 오차: < ;±1%F.S
제로점 이동: < ;±1% (F.S/Year)
반복성: < ;±1%F.S
기본 정보
Place of Origin: Beijing, China
브랜드 이름: MaiYa
Model Number: AZ-1000
결제 및 배송 조건
Packaging Details: cartons
제품 설명
Product Description

With the most advance nanometer semiconductor technology ,ultra low power 32bit microprocessor,24bit ADC data acquisition chip,outstanding accuracy.

3.5 inches IPS technical grade display with a pixel up to 320*480,display technical indicators and gas concentration value perfectly.

Three concentration units are available PPM,%VOL,mg/m3.

User can combine different sensor,1-5 kinds of gas can be detect at the same time,PM 2.5 dust sensor, temperature and humidity sensor and other kind of sensors are available.
Up to 100,000 group data can be storage,user can view history data on the display and data output is available.

A Z -1000 allow user to connect to portable printer to print data 

With temperature and humidity detection,user can detect temperature and humidity value on the scene or the temperature and humidity value inside the pipe.
Five operation modes are optional:Detection mode,Storage mode,Printing mode,Display mode,Pumping mode.

With high-power pump allow device working under tiny negative pressure condition,the reasonable gas chamber design ensures that the sensor is not affected by the pressure.
With over-voltage protection,overcharge protection,electrostatic prevention,magnetic-field interference prevention


 All software automatic calibration, sensor up to 6 levels target calibration,ensure the accuracy and linearity of the entire measurement,also with data recovery function.

Chinese and English operation model are available,user-friendly.

With temperature and humidity compensating function.With dust filter and dust-proof design allow device applies in all sort of harsh conditions.

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Q1: What about lead time?
A: Usually it is 3-7 working days after order confirmed and payment received. 
Part delivery could also be arranged.

Q2:Q: What about the Shipping method?
A: Our products will be sent to your door via express, such as DHL, UPS, TNT FedEx EMS.
Please kindly note that our quotation are on EXW term, delivery fee could either be prepaid or to be collect with your DHL/UPS/FedEx etc account.

Q3: Are you the oringinal manufacturer?
A: Yes, our company is an R&D-based manufacturer with cleanrooms, test facilities and high standard techniques to ensure quality and service.

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